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In memory of the members of the Class of ‘48
Edward & Betty Ann Gardner Flynn ‘48
In memory of Margaret F. Aaron
Paul & Suzanne Griffn Greenan ‘81
In memory of Katherine Keller Beecher ‘58
William & Meghan Beecher Cavanaugh ‘94
Terry & Louise Phillips Jerge ‘63
In memory of Maureen Bellia
Anthony J. Bellia
In memory of Mary Ellen Brummer Brady ‘60
Joseph & Ann Marie McTighe Karb ‘56
In memory of Herman H. Brunotte
Herman & Eileen Fries Brunotte ‘43
In memory of Ann D. Bukowski
Stanley Bukowski
Michael & Ann Bukowski Roth ‘74
In memory of Helen L. Day
Paul & Carol Day Bieron ‘60
In memory of Peg Roberts Dobmeier ‘70
Ralph & Kathleen Miller McNall ‘70
In memory of Dolores “Punkin” Connelly Downing ‘54
Michael & Eileen Regan Sheets ‘79
Franklin Downing
Philip & Bridget Mann
In memory of Sr. Mary Sheila Driscoll, GNSH
Mary Moyle ‘58
In memory of John Eggleton ~
Husband of Diane Dobbins ‘51
Pierre & Dolores Dorns Hart ‘51
In memory of Sr. Mary Jean Hanavan, GNSH
Joanne Pajakowski Dane ‘56
Robert & Margaret Meier Ebinger ‘47
Mary Alice Healy ‘57
In memory of Maria Cofrancesco Harrington ‘60
Walter & Susan Carey Ward ‘60
In memory of Joanne McKnight Hartman ‘47
Robert & Therese McGrath McCrone ‘47
In memory of Rae Marie McGrath Hermann ‘51
Robert & Therese McGrath McCrone ‘47
In memory of Sally A. Hogan ‘52
William & Judith Schilling Gorman ‘52
In memory of Barbara Ryan Hoodmaker ‘75
Peter & Nancy Pantano
Michael Hoodmaker
In memory of Santina Ciresi Ippolito ‘48
William & Antoinette Orlando Green ‘56
In memory of William Jacobs
Gloria Burkard Jacobs ‘52
In memory of Susan Murray Jordan ’60
Judith Hopkins ‘60
Terry & Louise Phillips Jerge ‘63
Dominic & Kathleen Sparano
In memory of Laura Kulpa
Philip & Erika Gellin Griffn ‘95
In memory of Renee Jagiello Luzi ‘95
Brian & Laura Maggiotto Polian ‘95
In memory of Father Albert A. Maggioli
Gerald & Marianne Maggioli Cerveny ‘61
In memory of Emilia Magnotta
Ronald & Sandra Kaschak
In memory of Margaret Mary Brodfuehrer Maloney ‘69
Edward & Barbara Brodfuehrer Johnson ‘72
In memory of Sr. Regina Marie, GNSH
Herman & Mary Joan Drescher Feldman ‘44
In memory of Sylvia & Eugene McMahon
Denis & Kathleen McMahon Dooley ‘57
In memory of Mary Ellen Murray
Andrew & Julie Murray Melton ‘90
John J. Murray
In memory of Virginia Hamel O’Connor
Thomas O’Connor
In memory of Karen Pawlik ‘75
Carolyn Bower ‘75
In memory of D. Jane Pinzel
Jeanne Pinzel Strathearn ‘75
In memory of Zella Caple Pirello ’66
Zella Hopkins Caple ‘44
In memory of Patricia O’Mara Rehak ‘58
Michael & Diane Rehak
John & Patricia Urbanski Pitts ‘65
Matthew & Elizabeth Rehak Werder ‘93
In memory of Mary Shivinsky ‘80
Phyllis Ann Horton ‘54
In memory of Kathryn Radwan Sullivan ‘60
Carol Sullivan
Irene Schocke
Virginia Golubski
In memory of Rosemary Griffn Sweeney ‘56
George & Kathleen Sweeney Mansour ‘86
In memory of Ella Linberger Voltz 1906
Sr. Karen Marie Voltz, GNSH ‘60
In memory of John Waple
Kerry Waple ‘82
Carol Waple
In memory of Margaret Gittere Zimmermann ‘18
Richard & Margaret Zimmerman Recktenwald ‘55
memorial GARDEN
In memory of Brenda Ware ‘77
Laura Langer Donahue ‘77
Gregory Edward Ipolito & Mary Jo Hellerer ‘77
Moira Hudson McErlean ‘77
Mary J. Hausle ‘77
Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund
Jean Bisantz Caldiero
Susan Jolley Csizmar
Mary Alice Higgins Donius
Barbara DiGesare Dorn
Sarah Drake Dupre
Paula M. Glauber
Kathleen Kuhlmann King
Linda Else Leighbody
Myra Muehlbauer Lucero
Dorothy Higgins McNicholas
Judith Miller
Kathleen Morgan Ola
Mary Kay Gamble Otterson
Karen Hayes Overhoff
Patricia Urbanski Pitts
Kathleen Ryan Reilly
Kathleen Roche
Patricia Woeppel Schaus
Judith Trapper Siegert
Alma Troiano
Sandra Palczewski Young
The Flanigen Family Science Scholarship
Edith Flanigen ‘46
Richard & Jane Flanigen Griffn ‘50
The John R. Oishei Foundation Scholarship
The John R. Oishei Foundation
The Vincent and Harriet Palisano
Foundation Scholarship
The Vincent & Harriett Palisano Foundation
The Pascal Pappalardo Scholarship
Richard & Judith Pappalardo Buckley ‘61
The Pam Jacobs-Vogt Family Scholarship
The Vogt Family Foundation
Peter & Pamela Ryan Jacobs-Vogt ‘58
Eleanor Wright Weppner ’18 Scholarship
William Weppner
Sr. Anne Soukup Scholarship Fund
Mark Soukup
Alumnae and friends who have chosen to make their Annual Fund contributions in honor of their loved ones.
Let us remember those we have lost in prayer.